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The Art of Name

Haven’t we all day dreamed of what we would name our children (eek, what if it’s twins?), our villa in Corfu, our racehorse, pet schnoodle, or our yacht. And don’t we all love those little games where we choose our death metal rock band, or porn star name?  I’ve done all that and more. I have a whole compendium of business names at the ready when the need arises.

I even had one ready for Print Darling (which was of course, Print Darling). It was a ‘working name’ at first, just to make sure it was going to stick. It did, but I went around the block a few times road testing alternatives. How did I decide to call Print Darling, Print Darling?

And by the way, Hello! My name is Eevi and welcome to Print Darling, a new adventure pour moi and an online shop selling gorgeous unframed prints of images, photos and original artworks by amazing artists who are awesome and need to be on your walls. Mine are already full so now I am starting on yours!

Of course Print Darling is all about print. It’s a passion and you may say get a life, but when I see colours, pictures, patterns, ink and paper its beautiful, thrilling and marvellous!

The word Print had to be part of the name, bien sur. Print Eevi doesn’t work at all. Printess was cute; Print Mamma, earthy, indy, yeah possible; Print Martini, love it and fits well with the idea of a cocktail collection of images, up there on the list of possibles. Print Bungalow suits my yearning for bamboo, palms & island life. Other names that rated momentarily include Print Palace or Print Emporium (a bit grand though) Print Villa, Print Shack, Print Salon, Print Macchiato? I love coffee and Print Flat White just doesn’t cut it, Print Cafe? perhaps.

However it was Print Darling that bubbled to the top and it just fits. And that’s all there is to it really. It had charm, simplicity and holds a promise of lovely things to come.