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Palmistry: Part One

Fronds are Friends

I once had a boyfriend who didn’t like palm trees, he said they were too messy. Well I think boyfriends are messy but that’s another story. I love palm trees. All shapes all sizes and I cannot lie. And I can’t get enough of them.

I love a luscious garden in general but the ones I love most are filled with palmy plants. Give me over-grown, over-flowing and excess any day. I’m not one for orderly manicured spaces. Who was it that said, too much is never enough? I love that person too. Those long lazy fronds instantly transport me to tropical paradise island mode and I am at peace. You may laugh, but fronds are my friends.

A banana palm grows happily and rapidly in my own tiny garden, as does the tiger grass, bamboo and other greenery entwined with the passionfruit and potato vines, fishbone ferns & bird of paradise. The herb garden didn’t stand a chance.

Interior renos will soon be complete (oh please) and I’m intending to get pretty palmy in there too. Parlour palms and the search is on for the right wallpaper. Beverly Hills Hotel; you’ve got the look I want. It’s called Martinique, but Brazilliance by Dorothy Draper is equally lustworthy.


Here’s a Google definition of a palm : palm1 pɑːm/ noun
noun: palm tree

An unbranched evergreen tree of tropical and warm regions, with a crown of very long feathered or fan-shaped leaves, and typically having old leaf scars forming a regular pattern on the trunk. From Latin palma ‘palm (of a hand)’, its leaf being likened to a spread hand.

Did you know that there are over 2,500 species of palm trees aka The Arecaceae Family found from desert to rainforest. The tallest palm tree, The Quindio Wax Palm, can grow up to 197 feet tall. The Coco de Mer Palm tree has the largest seeds of any plant on Earth. The seeds can be as large as 50cm in diameter and as heavy as 30kg.

I adore my Vintage Palms print so much its the chosen pic for Print Darling’s very groovy business card and a variety of other stationery.

Paradise Found - Vintage Palms
Print Darling businesscard
My gorgeous business card with Vintage Palm print, round corners & matt laminate on both sides…printed by KiPrint Kiama

And of course I can’t leave this post before revealing that I also have palm print pillowcases ! Get them from Our Lieu. More Palmistry follows in Part Two.