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Always be a Pineapple

Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and Be Sweet on The Inside.

Pineapples have been trending for some time now, possibly on the way to being surpassed by the cactus as the No.1 groovy motif, but for me, they’ll always be number one. I’ve been a pineapple devotee for years, well ahead of the mainstream surge of popularity with a scrap book of pineapple things way before they even became a thing.

Mosaic, stencils, sequinned T-shirt, upside-down pineapple cake, vintage bowl, fabric, drinking pineapple cocktails from a hollowed-out pineapple, T-towels, eating pineapple at the Big Pineapple and I have even accidentally looked like a pineapple. Sporting a new orange jumper that fell about my torso in a roundish fashion, I glimpsed my reflection. My blonde hair fluffed out atop my head. Yup. Pineapple walking. Continue reading Always be a Pineapple

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Palmistry: Part One

Fronds are Friends

I once had a boyfriend who didn’t like palm trees, he said they were too messy. Well I think boyfriends are messy but that’s another story. I love palm trees. All shapes all sizes and I cannot lie. And I can’t get enough of them.

I love a luscious garden in general but the ones I love most are filled with palmy plants. Give me over-grown, over-flowing and excess any day. I’m not one for orderly manicured spaces. Who was it that said, too much is never enough? I love that person too. Those long lazy fronds instantly transport me to tropical paradise island mode and I am at peace. You may laugh, but fronds are my friends. Continue reading Palmistry: Part One