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Palmistry Part 2. Fronds are still friends.

I wrote this as part of a bigger piece about all things palmy, cut it in half, posted the first lot, forgot that I hadn’t posted the follow up.  Better late than never. I’m a flawed human who still loves palm trees…So to continue on.

Lots of staples come from palm trees. Coconuts of course, and dates, betel nuts & acai fruit all come from palm trees.  I lived in a coconut grove for a time, and wow that whole tree was used – coconut meat to eat, clean teeth and grate into food, curries, milk, cream (and hair and beauty treatments).  Coconut water to drink, coconut husks for the garden and to burn in the satay trays, and each trunk gave about 4 long logs for building, the dried fronds used to make matting, baskets and fringed huts.

Have you ever heard of palm wine? Yes? Don’t touch it. There’s a very bad hangover in store if you do.

Never sleep under a coconut tree, death by falling coconut is common. This is no place for your hammock. However its easy to fall in love with the muscular young lads who shimmy up a tree to get you a fresh young coconut to drink. I did, but that’s another tale for another time. Just like that. Swoon.

To the Egyptians the palm symbolised the tree of life;  to early Christians it was a symbol of resurrection, and for Roman soldiers and returning pilgrims palms were lain as a red carpet symbolic of the soul’s return to the source.  Dreaming of palms means you will rise above your conflicts and shine brilliantly.

Need some palms in your life, of course you do!  Print Darling has a some enchanting palm prints (such as  vintage palms, beach shack). I think they are gorgeous, but if these aren’t quite you – I totally get it, palms are personal – have a peek at a photo library to find an image that pleases you. Here are two sites I like or  And check out for heaps of prints at great prices. Purchase & download a digital image, get the large or largest size  – send it to me and I will print it just for you (more details click here Your Own Print).  Just like that.

I’ll finish off with a palm wallpaper square that I find a bit of a turn on, from Kawaiian Lion It’s called Too Palmy. (As if anything could ever be too palmy…) I love it!